Kempo Karate - American Kickboxing

This program is for ages 12 and up

Welcome to Kempo Karate / American Kickboxing at Doré Martial Arts Academy in St. Albert

The Kempo Karate program follows the belt promotion requirements of the Panther Karate Club which was established in 1978 in Edmonton. Belts are awarded after students demonstrate proficiency at each stage of their training and pass a belt test which is administered by black belt instructors. Belts progress through the following colours:


Elements of the karate program include traditional stances, kicks, strikes, blocks and katas. Discipline, self control and respect are fundamental to the program. Self defence techniques involve the throws, trips, joint locks and chokes taken from Judo and Jiujitsu. Street practicality is enhanced by a large emphasis on boxing and kickboxing.

Some athletes in the program pursue the sport aspects of boxing and kickboxing. Members can compete in local tournaments and even progress to amateur sanctioned events.

The Kempo Karate program retains the Kempo backbone for belt grading and transmission of traditional techniques but places higher emphasis on kickboxing technique (boxing, clinch, leg kicks, knees, elbows) for practical application.

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