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Tanya Kendall – Assistant Muay Thai instructor

Doré Martial Arts Academy is proud to introduce Tanya Kendall as our assistant instructor for the junior Muay Thai program. Read about Tanya here  More Instructors Sensei Stéphane Doré Sensei Calvert Lum Kru Dave Ansah Sensei Scott Ogonoski

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Doré Martial Arts Academy

Doré Martial Arts Academy is located at #31B /C Rowland Crescent in Riel Park, St. Albert.

There is no better place to take Japanese Jiu-Jitsu or Kempo Karate / American Kickboxing in St. Albert. Our St. Albert Jiu-jitsu programs are divided in 3 classes at the moment: Kids Jiu-jitsu (5 – 7 years old), Youth Jiu-jitsu (8 – 12 years old) and Adult Jiu-jitsu (12 and up).

As well as our Japanese Jiu-jitsu programs, we also have a Kempo Karate / American Kickboxing for 12 and up.


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