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Check out our new referral incentive program.
As a member of Doré Martial Arts Academy, we encourage you to refer friends and acquaintances, as we believe you are our best publicity.
You don’t have to refer people for the program you are registered in, it can be either kempo karate or one of our jiu-jitsu programs. In the next few days we will be getting new referral cards, where there is a space to add your name as well as the person you are referring. You will also be able to refer up to 10 people online, and we will keep track of how many people you refer.
Here is how our program will work: If you refer 1 new person, you get $25 off on your next fees, the 2nd person you refer they get $50 off your next fees, 3rd person you get $75 off your next fees and 4th they get a free month. The only requirement to receive your referral discount fee, is they need to sign up for our intro offer. Let’s see if we can get more members to boost our memberships. There is no better referral program anywhere else. It’s a really good incentive, and nobody else does that, i’m pretty sure. We currently need about 6 new members in each of our classes. Even with 6 new members in all our classes, they will not overcrowded.

Start referring! and make sure you share this post

Sensei Stéphane

Sensei Stéphane

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