After taking both kidlets here

After taking both kidlets here for Open House day last month, we unexpectedly signed up both of them for a two month trial.

I talked with some of the other parents and one who had been going here for two years with his daughter. He mentioned that they had tried 2 other Jiu-Jitsu locations before his young daughter felt at home here.

From the moment you meet Sensei Stephane Dore, you know you’ve come to the right place for little kids. He’s warm and inviting and my kids (4 & 7) were immediately at ease with him.

I was surprised that he jumped right into teaching flips and falls for the introductory class at the open house – impressive!

Parking is limited (Riel Industrial) but not impossible – be sure to park in the allowed areas.

I like how the big roll up industrial doors allow for lots of fresh air and light in the dojo – and the mesh netting to keep out bugs is a nice touch.

I had initially only thought about signing up our older child but with a 50% discount on additional family members, I quickly hopped on board and gave in to my pleading 4 year old for the Little Kids Ninja Class as well 🙂

I’ll be sure to write an update in a few months time…

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