Amazing place! To me it

Amazing place! To me it was like a second family. Kru Dave, Sensei Stéphane, and Sensei Cal, are all great instructors who share a personality that is inviting and friendly. I have trained in their Muay Thai program for around 3 years and their Adult Jiu-jitsu class for about 1. I will mostly be writing about Adult Muay Thai.

At the Doré Martial Arts Academy, the Muay Thai class has a ‘do as much as YOU can’ mindset which makes it easy for beginners to adjust and not feel left behind during training.
The people I trained with were always helpful, letting me know when I needed to correct something(turning my hip) and giving me a loud “Oyyy” when I would get the hang of it!
Despite the crazy amount of sweat I’d have dripping off me after only the warm up, I was never made to feel bad about myself. Not once did I ever feel like I was being judged.

I honestly believe that everyone should take up some sort of martial arts in their life. My self-esteem since when I first started has only skyrocketed!

I would recommend this place to anyone who’s considering taking up a martial art or just looking to better themselves. At the Doré Martial Arts academy you’ll be surrounded by a good group of people where the common goal is self improvement.

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