The Trophy Wife and I

The Trophy Wife and I saw that St. Albert Jiu-Jitsu was offering a free class for kids. Since our children have mentioned an interest in the martial arts for a while now, we quickly took advantage of the offer and enrolled our seven-year old daughter and four-year old son in the session.

Stephane, their instructor was absolutely fantastic with the kids! He showed them breathing techniques and got their blood pumping by showing them how to fall properly ,holds and grappling maneuvers. They even had a little grappling session at the end of the class! Even though there was only eight kids in this particular session, Stephane had another instructor there as well, to help out with not only the demonstrations, but also so all the kids got some nice individual attention.

Both Stephane and his colleague (I am so sorry that I didn’t catch his name) had a wonderful demeanour to them and they treated all the kids with respect and in turn, they seemed to treat their instructors the same way back.

We liked the atmosphere so much that we signed up both of our rugrats for two months and they were both ecstatic! We’ll see if they keep up the interest in their lessons come November.

Regardless of how our own kids’ martial arts interest turns out, if you are interested in Jiu-Jitsu, you can’t go wrong with Stephane at St. Albert Jiu-Jitsu.